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You feel naked without new technology.

Owners of shopping centres and office buildings as well as warehouses, logistics centres and small business units spend a lot of time on implementing it. The fact is that it is definitely worth streamlining the operations of building systems, which helps tenants not only to optimise their work but also helps with their operations in a building. This is one of my reflections on reading interviews with leading warehouse developers and owners. But what is the other? It is something that is definitely closer to my way of thinking: it turns out that what is still in focus is not just technology, but also the client, their needs and personal contact including conversations over a cup of coffee. It is worth remembering that, as Renata Michalczyk from Prologis puts it in ‘Smart Property Management’, the point is not to install a very technologically advanced system that is of no use to anybody. Relations between tenants and owners/managers remain paramount; the warehouse market is according to a report by Cushman & Wakefield, the fastest growing commercial property sector in Poland (‘Good Day Sunshine’); developers are making bold plans such as MLP Group (‘Not competing for square meters’), P3 (‘P3 Points to More Progress’) and Segro (‘Segro Goes for Growth’). We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the good times will last as long as possible. Still, I’m tempted to add that things could always get better.

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