CTP group plans to have doubled the space in its portfolio

"In the countries where CTP operates, that is the CEE states, our portfolio in 2018 is going to grow to 5 mln sqm" says Piotr Klank, regional director, CTP Poland.
"This is one of our successes but it also marks the start of our plans for further development. By the end of 2022 the group plans to have doubled the space in its portfolio. When we reach a level of 10 mln sqm we will have to use new technologies, software systems, and the best management tools. The demand is coming from all the countries. First comes Romania, with Hungary following, then it's the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We've been active in Poland for two years. We've almost finished with our first logistic and office park near Opole. Oficially, we are starting work on our park in the west of Poland in Iłowa, where we are going to deliver at least 100,000 sqm of business and indusrtrial space. We also want to expand in the south of Poland, as well as throughout all of Poland. Over 80 pct of the demand for new space is coming from our existing customers. We are glad that new customers are also coming onto the Polish market", adds Piotr Klank.