Poland This is the end

schedule 12 January 2023
Opr./edited by ANZ

Shopee is ending its operations in Poland. The Asian e-commerce platform, which debuted in Poland in 2021, intends to focus on operations in other regions of the world.


UKRAINE Wildberries now growing in Ukraine

schedule 22 September 2020
Opr./edited by NN

Russia’s largest online retailer Wildberries has entered the Ukrainian market.


Wildberries growing in April

schedule 21 May 2020
Nathan North
deputy editor

POLAND Wildberries, the Russian online retailer that debuted on the Polish market in January, has revealed some of its initial Polish sales figures.


Wildberries growing in Slovakia

schedule 12 May 2020
Nathan North
deputy editor

SLOVAKIA Wildberries, Russia’s largest online retailer, has entered the Slovakian market. The company has also anounced that it is considering investing EUR 200 mln in the development of a distribution centre in the country.


E-commerce set to accelerate with Coronavirus

schedule 18 March 2020
Eurobuild CEE

POLAND Cushman & Wakefield is cautious about predicting how the coronavirus pandemic will change online shopping habits but notes that many Polish companies are expecting a massive increase in their online orders.


How much CO2 does your fashion sense generate?

schedule 30 January 2020
Eurobuild CEE

WORLD Online second had clothes store Thredup store has created a Fashion Footprint Calculator to calculate the carbon footprint of your purchasing habits.


A thousand new DHL Parcel pick-up points

schedule 04 October 2019
Opr./edited by AZ

POLAND DHL Parcel will this year have opened 1,000 new locations for despatching and collecting courier parcels.


Logistics firms feeling the heat from e-commerce

schedule 26 September 2019
Opr./edited by AZ

POLAND According to the recent ‘Supply Chain for E-commerce. How to Meet the Challenges’ report published by DHL Supply Chain, most logistics companies in the contract logistics sector have yet to implement a strategy for the online retail segment.

E-commerce is still a big challenge

schedule 28 August 2019
Eurobuild CEE

WORLD Majority of companies have failed to fully implement an e-commerce strategy despite recognizing its importance, according to DHL’s global survey of nearly 900 decision-makers responsible for logistics or supply chain management and e-commerce.


Hebe hits the net

schedule 29 July 2019
Opr./edited by TC

POLAND Drugstore chain Hebe has officially launched its online store. Orders across Poland are delivered by courier. In Warsaw, parcels can also be picked up free of charge also in a chosen Hebe store.

Airbnb modifies its practices

schedule 18 July 2019
Eurobuild CEE

EUROPE The European Commission has announced that, as a result of negotiations with Airbnb, the platform has improved and fully clarified the accommodation and pricing offered to consumers on its site so that its standards meet EU consumer law.


Europe points its big guns at Amazon

schedule 17 July 2019
Alex Hayes

EUROPE The European Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether Amazon's use of sensitive data from independent retailers who sell on its marketplace is in breach of EU competition rules.

Lidl goes online in Poland

schedule 16 April 2019
Opr./edited by AZ

POLAND Lidl is to launch an online store for Poland –

Chamber for e-commerce

schedule 23 January 2019
Opr./edited by AZ

POLAND The Polish Chamber of Digital Commerce (e-Izba) has set up the Retailers Group e-Chamber to support companies who operate in e-commerce and omnichannel sales or are planning to start a business in this sector.

Polish online retailers looking to go global

schedule 05 November 2018
Eurobuild CEE

POLAND Around 24 pct of Polish online retailers are currently considering foreign expansion claims the ‘The Challenges of E-commerce’ report prepared by the Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy.

Shopping with a robot salesman

schedule 26 September 2018
Eurobuild CEE

POLAND A Wrocław start-up has created a chatbot to sell and recommend goods to shoppers.

Internet traders running up debt

schedule 25 September 2018
Opr./edited by AZ

POLAND According to BIG InfoMonitor data, the debts of e-commerce traders came to PLN 126 mln at the end of June this year, up 19 pct on the end of 2017.


Zara reorganises online sales

schedule 14 September 2018
Opr./edited by AZ

WORLD The Zara store chain is to complete and send out online orders directly from its brick and mortar stores. The Spanish-based Inditex group, which owns the Zara brand, believes it can make online orders easier for shoppers by processing individual orders in their stores. Whenever a product is unavailable online, but can be found in stock at a local store, it can be ordered immediately with home delivery.

True innovation from Marks & Spencer

schedule 06 September 2018
Opr./edited by AZ

WORLD Marks & Spencer has partnered with True, which operates in the new-tech segment, to focuses on innovation and digital transformation.


Almost half of Poles yet to embrace e-commerce

schedule 26 July 2018
Opr./edited by AC

POLAND According to this year’s ‘E-commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Poland’ report by Gemius, 44 pct of Polish internet users have yet to make any purchases on the internet.

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