Changes in Madison shopping centre

"Madison shopping centre has been operating in Gdańsk for 15 years. A year ago we decided to modernise the centre due to changes in the vicinity and new competitors that had opened," said Anna Thomas, managing director of Madison shopping centre in Gdańsk that is now in the modernisation proces.

"We are almost done with the interior refurbishment - everything was completely changed. First, we replaced the entire ventilation and AC system and we were able to raise the ceiling – both visually and for real. All the coverings to the ceilings and walls have been renovated. Now space is light and bright, with relaxation zones for customers and a new food court. The renovation work started in 2017. The brand new food court was built in almost three months. The renovation inside has almost been completed and we are waiting for the building permit to change the façade. Our building suits the local architecture well and was built from high-quality materials so it does not need a complete renovation, just a refreshment of the façade. The space advertisement hoardings are to be turned into natural green space. We are planning to create two terraces for our customers with one adjacent to the food court," said Anna Thomas.

"Together with our neighbour Apollo Ride, which is developing the Rajska 10 project, we want to use the space between our buildings on ul. Heweliusza to create a welcoming space for both locals and tourists. When it comes to the work on the outside of the building, it should be finished in the spring of 2019," added the director at Javin Investments.