The construction of the Mennica Legacy Tower

"We will have 32 office floors and two technical levels. So we still have around 20 floors to build. The ferroconcrete construction work should be completed before the end of the year and the whole project in Q3 2019. There are around 400 people now working on the site," Hubert Kondracki, technical manager, Golub Gethouse.
We are here on the future extension to ul. Waliców, said Hubert Kondracki, technical manager, Golub Gethouse. The noise is coming from a stationary concrete pump, which is standing over there. We are pumping the concrete on the 12th floor at about the height of the 14th floor of a standard residential building. That shooting-like sound is being made by the hydraulic shock from a water hammer, said Hubert Kondracki. Hubert Kondracki: We are now on the 11th floor. Rafał Ostrowski:So how many are there still to build?