Warszawa Modlin Smart City project on MIPIM 2016 fair

"We have a concept that was prepared by the Modlin Project Group. The JSK architectural studio is one of the members of this group. The group’s vision has been unveiled here at the MIPIM 2016 trade fair in Cannes – where it has wowed those who have seen it, as it is very beautiful project," said Wiesław Prusiecki, the president of Konkret.
"And it is very good investment project too. Now, as is becoming clear, the time for visionaries is returning. From what I’ve seen here at MIPIM, unconventional and visionary ideas have come back to the fore. And Modlin is one such project," added Wiesław Prusiecki.

"The construction work will start in 2018 and is scheduled to finish in Q3 2020. For now we will just be focused on designing the project. The most important issue, the financing, is already settled. In the next few months we will be able to finalise all the financing issues. We will also be thinking through the details of the plans and for the concept, as well as starting the design work. This will take 1.5 years, due to the size of the area being developed," said the president of the investor of Modlin Smart City.