Better located with BTS

Finding skilled workers is a common headache for production companies. Marzena Tkaczuk, the BTS development director at Panattoni Development Europe explains how BTS and BTO projects can help ease the pain.
"The big advantage of developing BTS project is that they can be tailored to completely meet the needs of the tenants. One of the main elements we examine with the tenants in preparing a BTS project is the location and one of the fundamental considerations in this analysis is the local labour market and how easily the client will be able to find workers and very frequently with specific skills," says Marzena Tkaczuk, BTS development director w Panattoni Development Europe.

"It’s worth pointing out that often how the tenant sees this market may differ depending on whether he is just entering the Polish market or is already present and about to expand his operations. It’s a very subjective assessment. For example right now we’re developing a project for Rockwell, which is a company that has been operating in Poland for many years. The company wanted to find a location for a new factory and what was important for them was that it was located near their existing plant so that they could maintain their existing staff. With these requirements in mind we chose a site that was just next to the existing factory," she said.

A different example of how a tenant assesses the local labour market is the company Ideal, for whom we built factories in Zielona Góra and Świdnica. Ideal is a German company, which meant that for them what was important was quick communication links with Germany. But also Ideal was looking at recruitment and wanted to be one of the few large investors on the local market where the demand for labour would not be too high and where there would be a relatively higher unemployment rate so that it would be easier to find employees," she said

"With built to own projects, the main advantage is the actual partnership with the developer. In regard to the choice of location and the site for the development, every possibility is examined at a very early stage. Every site and location for every investment is examined to find the one that is optimal for any given investment project. The next stage when we work closely with the client is when we plan and design the building that we intend to build so that it fully integrates the uses that the client intends for it, be it logistics or production," Marzena Tkaczuk added.