Two ladies, one award

Eurobuild Awards
Two women, both from JLL, have been chosen as the joint best office building managers by the tenants. Magdalena Kuran-Piszczek (right), a senior property manager at JLL, is the head of the team managing Rondo 1 in Warsaw, and property manager Joanna Pergół, whose award was picked up by Virginie de Baere (left), director of real estate management, is in charge of the Zebra Tower and Lipiński Passage buildings in the same city

How did you feel when you received the Eurobuild Tenants Award?

We felt proud and honoured. This is a unique form of appreciation of our skills and an exceptional reward, and in particular a precious one for a manager, because it reflects the positive opinion of the tenants in the buildings we manage. It is also the result of the hard work of the whole team at JLL throughout the year, because even the best managers can’t handle the volume of challenges that come with the management of modern office buildings on their own. Only the best team can face them. We are happy that our tenants appreciate our role and work as team leaders.

What was the biggest challenge for you in 2016?

Last year was full of challenges and very hectic, but fruitful at the same time. JLL oversaw the LEED EBOM (Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) re-certification of Rondo 1 with the highest ‘Platinum’ grade. We’d like to thank all the people involved in this process, especially our tenants. It’s worth noting that in 2011 Rondo 1 was the first high-rise building in Poland and Europe to obtain LEED ‘Gold’ certification in the EBOM category as. And in June 2016, Rondo 1 was recertified and became the first building in Poland to hold the highest ‘Platinum’ certification for LEED EBOM. This re-certification proved just how energy-efficient the building was and that this had even increased by over 6 pct since 2011. In fact, 100 pct of the electrical energy used in the building was certified as renewable energy and 95 pct of the waste is recycled. The offices also use up 30 pct less drinking water than other standard buildings of that size. In 2016, Union Investment commissioned us with the management of its two office buildings in Warsaw: Zebra Tower and Lipiński Passage. We also supervise the technical, operating, administrative and financial issues, as well as relations with the tenants, in both buildings.

Is there a secret to maintaining such a high level of services in a modern office building?

Yes, there is – but is it really a secret? (laughter) Every manager aims to provide the tenants and users of a building with as much comfort at work as possible But you can’t do this without hard work and close cooperation with the tenants, whose needs you constantly have to identify and sometimes even predict. The Eurobuild Award is the icing on the cake and confirms that we are heading in the right direction.

Any wishes for other managers in the new year and for the future?

Well, for sure that they keep the trust of their existing tenants and earn the confidence of new ones. And this means more enthusiasm, creativity and motivation for their work, which will then hopefully lead to bigger and bigger increases in the quality of services offered to tenants and their buildings’ users. We would be extremely happy if this year our work and that of the teams we cooperate with get as much positive feedback as last year.