Presenting it as it is

Eurobuild Awards
Marta Kostyk (right), prologis’ property manager for the Lower Silesia region, picked up the award for the Best Warehouse Manager of 2016. She spoke to us about how important communication and understanding are for tenants

Were you surprised by the award?

On the one hand, it came as a bit of a surprise; but on the other, it confirmed the fantastic relationship we have with our tenants in Lower Silesia. I’m very happy that our tenants appreciate our work so much, so I felt really honoured. The award decided by the tenants is a huge incentive to work even harder and further develop our competences.

Whats the most important thing in management?

Definitely the most important aspect is the communication between the manager, the warehouse and the tenant. In order to have a good relationship, it is essential to understand each other and look for compromises, of course, within the business objectives of the company the manager works for.

Whats the key to earning the respect of your tenants?

As in every relationship, transparent cooperation is very important – and this is especially true between the manager and the tenant. I always try to present the situation as it really is to my tenants. I don’t hide facts or put a gloss on the situation. I try not to think ahead too much and make promises that I might not be able to keep. Sincerity is the key to trust and necessary for building long-term relationships.

Whats the biggest challenge in your work?

I think the biggest challenge is to provide equally high services to all the tenants of the parks we manage. The key to success is to understand the expectations of each one of them, because their needs may be completely different. You need to choose the services and facilities that meet all their expectations as far as it is possible. Every tenant has to feel they are equally important, irrespective of the company they represent and how big the space they rent is.

What is the most interesting thing about a managers work?

In my opinion the most interesting thing is the variety of tasks we have to carry out in our work. A good property manager should have extensive knowledge of all the areas they have to deal with on a daily basis, including the ability to solve all the various technical problems. In addition to that, a manager must have well-developed interpersonal and negotiating skills and they must be able to respond effectively to emerging problems and be a good manager, i.e. create a loyal, efficient and smoothly cooperating team. A property manager’s duties require a great deal of flexibility as far as thinking outside the box is concerned. All these things I’ve mentioned make this job highly rewarding.

What are your objectives for the future?

Our ambition is to set new quality standards in the customer service sector through dedication, by following global trends and the implementation of innovative approaches that help us to achieve this objective.

Whats the biggest reward for a property manager?

Having a good partnership with our tenants and that they have a positive opinion about their manager. This then feeds into the quality of our daily work and our sense of satisfaction. If the tenants know that they can always depend on our help and support, they will more willingly and frequently communicate with us, which in turn helps us avoid many potentially difficult and unpredictable situations.