Maintaining form

Eurobuild Awards
Michał Skorupski, 7R Logistic’s administrator, who collected the award together with Izabela Gajek for the best warehouse manager of 2016 (won jointly with Marta Kostyk of Prologis), believes that a manager must maintain service standards, despite the human factor

What is the most important thing in real estate management?

Michał Skorupski, 7R Logistic: Apart from textbook things, such as the maintenance and improvement of the property, our tenants are the most important aspect for us – that is, their satisfaction with their cooperation with us. 7R Logistic focuses on good relations with the tenants and a flexible approach to their expectations.

So whats the best way to earn the tenants appreciation?

The tenants’ appreciation is the fruit of our team work over the last seven years. This involves a skilful approach to the everyday problems and concerns of our tenants. It is also requires providing professional care for businesses that are often far from straightforward for a manager to know how to attend to. Tenants often come from a variety of industries and we actually help them develop their businesses. We once had a warehouse that contained paints, cold stores and freezers. A fibre-optic service had to be introduced for one client in quite a difficult location. We also take on such situations as the sudden need for the conversion of the space. This, for example, happens when tenants unexpectedly lose a location somewhere or their contract finishes and you need to act fast. It can happen that such a cold store or freezer with an area of 1,000 sqm suddenly has to be built within a month. We undertake such tasks if the terms are acceptable for both parties. This is what generates satisfaction and the tenants’ trust at the same time.

What is the greatest reward for a facility manager?

When you manage to build a suitable and healthy relationship and when tenants feel able to be open to us. In the era of e-mail and official letters, that personal contact is very important. Much can result from direct conversations, as these can speed up certain activities – and the speed of response is very important in this work.

How is the tenants trust usually expressed?

When they want to lease space in other facilities managed by us. We have such examples, such as a few companies from the distribution or pharmaceutical industries.

What is the most difficult thing about a facility managers work?

The key to service provision is to continue to do it at a high level. But naturally, we are all only human. It is important to keep this up and continue to be professional. Because we have to deal with new tasks and new situations every day. The work is interesting because we face different challenges and problems all the time and we need to solve them. But you need to remember that the tenant is somewhere nearby and they can see what the manager is doing and how they are helping to solve the problem.

This is a bit like sport. So the manager has to maintain form?

Yes, very much so. You need to be flexible and be able to communicate, because a manager deals with a lot of people – contractors, service controllers, etc. These are situations in which you need to be able to adjust and talk to people.

Was the award a surprise for you?

Yes, it was a really big surprise. We are a young company who have been trying to foster good relations with tenants. That’s why we are even happier that they appreciate our work.