Handing on the baton

A record 20,000 runners lined up at the starting lines of the Poland Business Run

The Poland Business Run raised over PLN 1.6 mln this year, which is to go towards helping amputees. The charity run was also supported by the real estate sector, members of which sponsored the event and also provided a large number of the entrants. The event was held in eight Polish cities: Kraków, Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Gdańsk and Wrocław – as well as in Lublin, where the event was held for the first time. A total of 1,363 companies from all over the country entered relay teams of five runners and more than 1,100 volunteers helped with the organisation. The funds raised will help to purchase prosthetic limbs for at least 66 people. “I would like to wholeheartedly thank all those who took part in the run, its organisers, sponsors, partners and volunteers. We managed to raise almost PLN 0.5 mln more than last year. As a result the foundation will be able to help more people to literally ‘stand on their own two feet’ and perhaps they will run with us when we hold the next relay race,” said Agnieszka Pleti, the president of the Poland Business Run Foundation. “Empark Mokotów Business Park has a unique infrastructure that makes it perfect for organising events such as the Warszawa Business Run. So the decision to allow the complex to be used as the venue for the event for the second year in a row seemed completely natural to us. Furthermore, working with the Poland Business Run Foundation is a great pleasure because of the big-hearted people who are involved in it. We are glad to have raised as much as PLN 346,000 for the beneficiaries of the foundation, especially when we take into account that the we have made our own small contribution,” added Przemysław Wardęga, the senior PR and marketing manager for Poland at Immofinanz. The races started simultaneously at 10:30am in all eight cities and each runner covered a distance of app. 4 km. The Poland Business Run has taken place every year for the last six years. Since it began, it has changed the lives of 139 beneficiaries of the funds raised. Even though the charity run is now over for another year, other fundraising activities are continuing and the ‘Support after Start’ campaign is still raising money. Some of the proceeds from goods purchased from partners of the campaign are to be donated to the Foundation. Details are available at:

The winning team in Warsaw was Krosno Glass Running, with a time of 1:14:11. Teams from the real estate sector included CBRE Dominators (7th with a time of 1:21:25), JLL Awesomeness Has Arrived (30th, 1:29:37), Karmar Biega (40th, 1:31:17), Hochtief Polska Oddział w Warszawie (54th, 1:33:05), CFE (72nd, 1:34:04), Myhive Polska (165th, 1:39:02), Immofinanz (169th, 1:39:09), Gleeds Polska (177th, 1:39:29), Neinver (181st, 1:39:51), Savills Żółte Petardy (191st, 1:40:21), Skyconcept (196th, 1:40:30), CBRE Global Investors (210th, 1:40:51), Lidl Business Run (243rd, 1:42:05), CBRE Avengers (251st, 1:42:16), Cresa Poland Run (270th, 1:42:44), CBRE Valuation (273rd, 1:42:45), CBRE Suicide Squad (278th, 1:42:54) and Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw (303rd, 1:43:37). In 529th place was the Szybkie Newski Eurobuildu team (1:50:59), with Tomasz Szpyt-Grzegórski as captain. A total of 805 teams completed the race.