A time to catch our breath

The world record for holding one’s breath currently stands at 24 minutes and 11 seconds – a death (or at least, serious injury) defying feat performed by Croatian free-diving amateur Budimir Buda Šobat in February 2018.

The question for us, however, is: how long will the sector be able to keep holding its breath? We are also slowly heading towards a record of our own – the longest time in living memory that the market hasn’t gone belly-up! But nothing can last forever, and so someday there will have to be another crash/slowdown/correction (or whatever we want to call it, for the third autumn in a row). This topic also arises in the conversations we publish in this issue with eminent advisors, such as in the interview with Sean Doyle, ‘Bettering the West’ – although the head of CBRE’s investment department, as it turns out, is rather optimistic. As is Daniel Puchalski, who tells us about his new role at Knight Frank (‘This Sporting Business Life’) as well as Krzysztof Witkowski, the head of Virako, who reveals in ‘Restorative Powers’ not only some of his company’s plans, but also reminisces about his career. A hint of nostalgia can be sensed in this – maybe because he so fondly recalls attending Eurobuild’s conferences to seek inspiration? Anyway, the entire December edition, as usual, has been put together to engender a special mood in our readers. We’ve been preparing for the Eurobuild Awards Gala (and in this magazine cover the deliberations of the Awards of the Decade jury, made up of 21 of the most important names in the sector). We’ve also been spreading goodwill in the run-up to Christmas, by bringing together the best confectioners on our market to bake gingerbread in support of cancer charity Iskierka. There’s probably nothing left for me to do now but wish you a wonderful December – at the 10th Eurobuild Awards Gala and also during Christmas. And a New Year that will be at least as successful as the passing one!