Do your our own thing!

The best scripts are written... by life itself! And that’s a fact. Well, a few staff still on duty in Eurobuild’s editorial office claim it’s actually American TV screenwriters that write the best ones. Why are there so few employees here?

As you’ve probably guessed, this is due to the measures taken to contain the coronavirus as it sweeps across the world and into Poland. We’ve now taken our work home with us, and I, who usually come up with these few words addressed to you while walking or jogging, have even been forced to wonder if composing an editorial is a legitimate reason for leaving home (according to the latest government guidelines). We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, which is also changing from one day to the next, sometimes from one hour to another. What, then, should we do? Let’s keep doing our own thing! And that’s exactly what we’re doing. So we’ve prepared the April edition for you. What have we been writing about? About the impact of the coronavirus on the real estate market, of course (‘A Pandemic but No Panic’). We’re sure that life will go on and get back to normal eventually, and that’s why we asked Daniel Bienias, the head of CBRE in Poland, not only about the effects of the pandemic but also about the changes that have recently taken place at his company as well as his path to the top and his plans for the future (‘The Show Must Go On’). We also asked distinguished economist Witold Orłowski (‘From Golden Goose to Black Swan’) to assess the real estate market and give us his expert view of the state of the global economy. And what’s for dessert? As well all know, it’s the forbidden fruit that tastes best, in which case you should enjoy the interview with Filip Błoch, the co-creator of software for managing business travel (‘Inside the Traveltech Tent’).