Only the good news

Don’t you sometimes feel that you’ve had enough of all the depressing news that the media have been serving up for the past few months? Or of the alternate reality version of ‘the news’ that the pro-government media in Poland and elsewhere in the region specialises in? Well, you’re not alone.

That’s why in this issue the information that we are going to give you will be almost exclusively optimistic. And even if all the news isn’t 100 pct good, we are still determined to only look at the bright side… but nonetheless, there’s likely to be a dark side lurking around some corner.

For example, this month we examine the PRS market, which seems to be one of the more resilient when it comes to the impact of the pandemic. If you’re regularly involved in urban planning issues, this issue is also certain to be a very satisfying read – as we take a look at placemaking projects, which now actually have more wind in their sails due to Covid. These are also examples of the ever increasing trend for bolder investment in public space, designed to be used not only by the project’s tenants or the residents of a particular estate, but also the entire district. In other words, it’s time to pull down those fences!

We already know that the 11th Eurobuild Awards Gala will not be taking place on December 8th as was originally planned, but again there’s some good news – it hasn’t been called off. After all, you can’t cancel Christmas! On these pages we also take an admiring look at ‘7 Wonders’ – those eminent individuals nominated for the Personality of the Year Award, while we also provide our now traditional account of who benefitted from the charity fundraising campaign held during last year’s Gala. Thanks to your help, we’ve already managed to do a great deal of good out there, and soon we’ll be able to do even more. And doing this is something very close to our hearts.

And finally, in line with the ‘new issue – new section’ rule, we invite you to take a look at our article on luxury goods.
At the Silverstone circuit in the UK (before the present lockdown), we tested out the latest McLaren sports car. If you’re bored of investing in real estate and have just cashed in half a million euros in dividends, why not consider trading in your twelve-year-old Passat for something a bit more racy? This article could give you food for thought.

In any case, let’s get away (on two legs or four wheels) from the virus for the moment and just hang on in there!