A splendid time was guaranteed for all!

Everything’s gonna be alright tonight” – so sang the incomparable Tina Turner and David Bowie back in 1984. But they couldn’t have known the half of it, because on the evening of September 30th, it was not only alright on the night, it was in fact awesome!

There was a great atmosphere at the long-awaited 11th Eurobuild Gala Awards, along with superb hosts, lots of tense excitement, and everyone finally having the chance to meet up and catch up with one other. As soon became clear, you can never have too many good vibrations. So, if you were there or even if you weren’t, I encourage you to read the report and take a look at the photos from this event.
Anyway, what do you think about September as the new month for our Gala? Maybe it would be a good idea to move the big day from the cold, wet winter month of December to the golden Polish autumn?

But since then, we’ve prepared the November issue with quite a lot of important market news and insights in it for you. Again, we examine the topic of retail parks, which have clearly been among the winning asset classes during the pandemic – as can be seen from the numbers of people queuing up with bags of gold to invest in the segment. We also take a look at whether wind farms have a chance of breaking into the investment premier league. Our article on how approaches to city planning have changed since the pandemic is also a highly recommended read, as well as our building site report on how to build in a city centre without paralysing it and neighbouring districts.

In addition to all this, there’s our latest retail supplement, where you will find lots of news to give you even more cheer. The November issue you are now looking at will also be a guest at this year’s MAPIC fair. If you’re planning to head off to Cannes, which is always beautiful at this time of year, well, we wish you a bon voyage and beaucoup de soleil; but if you’re going to spend the end of November and the beginning of December somewhere along our latitude, well, then… par mauvais temp, bon visage!