A world populated by experts

Government educational programmes on the TV are always keen to inform us that Poles are jealous of the whole world, but at the same time, each nation without exception holds a deep admiration for us. We are the subject of everyone’s attention and the topic of in-depth analyses by all those countries where nothing goes quite to plan

And this notion, that we are among the elite in this regard, is not without foundation, since up to now we’ve generally had low-level inflation, dirt-cheap fuel and a secular state with altruistic people in key positions. But what other nations are most envious of Poles of all is that we are experts at everything. All that has to happen is that some issue arises and by some process of osmosis that only our nation has, we are able to immediately solve it by using other complementary knowledge.

What’s that? You want examples of this phenomenon? Well, let’s go through just a few of them. Everyone needs to live somewhere, but we have around 38 mln experts on the residential market. Each of us has, at one time or another, caught a cold, so nuclear medicine holds no secrets from us. It doesn’t matter whether we drive a twenty-year-old Passat or always take the bus to work, we still know all there is to know about urban planning. And, when we wake up in the middle of the night, we can still, without hesitation, list all the advantages of the BlueMotion engine. Maybe some of us only got a D in our maths exam when graduating from high school and actually never really learnt anything beyond the multiplication tables, but that never prevents us from dreaming up bold plans to resolve all the economic problems of the third world while at the same time earning a personal fortune from crypto-currencies.

It’s obvious, however, that being a real expert in Poland is a rather thankless occupation. And God forbid that you are the kind who shares their expert knowledge over the internet! That would be to inflict a real curse upon yourself. Each entry would immediately attract at least a dozen experts who have “studied this subject at a deep level for many years” and are more than ready to give up half their day to type out some fiery polemic based on half-truths, hearsay, fake news and outright lies devised purely to refute whatever we’ve said.

For this reason, we are able to appreciate all the more the courage of those actual experts who are prepared to share their knowledge with you, our reader, in each issue of ‘Eurobuild CEE’. We kick off this latest June edition with an analysis of the PRS market, which has been all but paralysed by the massive influx of Ukrainian people seeking somewhere to live. The sector has up until now been careful to avoid the use of the word ‘crisis’, but the current reality on this market is in many ways similar to what Alice saw on the other side of the looking glass. We also take a look across our southern border, where a river of capital has started to flow in our direction. Why have the Czechs become so enamoured of the Polish property market? We will also be knocking on the doors of our HR departments to ask what the road to the management board is paved with for women, and what the women owe their success to who have already somehow managed to succeed in a world dominated by men since the dawn of time? In this issue, we also put the boss of Newmark (formerly known as Cresa) on the rack, and he tells us of all the back-office changes that have lately taken place in his company. He also gives us his predictions for the market (spoiler alert: it will be good). We are also continuing with our ‘case study’ series, where we take a look at the most interesting and unique Polish properties.

So, I invite you to delve further into this month’s issue – and while you’re at it, you could also check out our new ‘Eurobuild’ channel on Telegram ( It’s quick, concise and it’s in English! Enjoy your read – and watching and listening.