Office of the Year, Poland

Eurobuild Awards
The period just before the pandemic (and into its early stages) saw a huge number of office completions – especially on the Warsaw market. These new additions were able to be included in the survey for the first time – but how did they fare against more seasoned and established properties? Very well, as it happens. Widok Towers in the heart of the capital, completed by S+B Gruppe in the summer of 2020 and owned by HausInvest, has come out as the winner. Olivia Centre in Gdańsk, which continued to expand during the period and in March 2021 was awarded the highest Well Health-Safety Rating in the world thus far, has come second, while third place on the podium goes to the aptly-named Podium Park B in Kraków, completed by Globalworth in January 2021.
  1. Widok Towers
  2. Olivia Centre
  3. Podium Park B

Also shortlisted:

Moje Miejsce 1

Equator IV, Varso Place

Retro Office Park

Business Garden Wrocław

Towarowa 39, Myhive Nimbus

Stettiner Business Center

Skyliner, Dot Office