The Tenants’ Awards

Eurobuild Awards
After an unavoidable break of three years, market research specialist kantar can once again provide us with a survey of the tenants of the best properties in Poland – thus ensuring that the Eurobuild Awards go to the most deserving buildings and managers

In the tenant awards category, the winning buildings are chosen in a survey of tenants of offices, shopping centres and warehouses across Poland. The buildings and facilities to be surveyed are chosen by us with the support of the biggest real estate agencies operating in Poland. As a result, a total of 20 office buildings, 10 shopping centres and 20 warehouses were included in the survey. The properties can vary in size and geographically, but buildings with higher numbers of tenants have been preferred in terms of their inclusion in the survey. In order to gauge what the tenants’ needs are and how they have changed over time, the buildings included all had to have been occupied for over a year before the research began. Some of the buildings are included almost every year, but as new ones appear across the country, we can add them to the candidates and amend the final list. The survey is carried out by market research company Kantar, which has questioned at least 250 tenants. It is aimed at identifying the most satisfied tenants. The awards go to those office buildings, shopping centres and warehouses that achieve the highest scores. In addition to that, trophies are awarded to the best facility managers of the office buildings, shopping centres and warehouses.

The survey asks tenants to rate, from -5 to + 5, the key aspects of the buildings they occupy. They are asked to complete questionnaires devised to evaluate the various aspects of the building they lease space in, such as: the rent fees, costs, location, aesthetics, architectural design, parking spaces, the effectiveness of the building’s management and many other criteria. Our aim is to reach the largest number of tenants possible. Because of this Kantar employs methods that are the most suitable for particular groups of tenants – the study of shopping centres is carried out by means of the PAPI method (paper and pencil interview), while for offices and warehouses the CATI method (computer and telephone interview) is mostly used.

The categories include: Office Building of the Year, Office Building Manager of the Year, Shopping Centre of the Year, Shopping Centre Manager of the Year, Warehouse of the Year, and Warehouse Manager of the Year. The study covers properties that received a building permit no earlier than 2019, have been operating for a minimum of six months, and have at least five tenants.

This year the tenants’ survey took place between May and August 2022. If, unfortunately, you were not able to attend the Awards Gala, where the identities of the winners of the Tenants' Awards were announced during the ceremony, we have published the full list on the following pages of this magazine. This does not include the complete data regarding the scores for each nominee, but the top three offices, the top three shopping centres and the top three warehouses can be revealed, while the highest-rated projects for each sub-category in the questionnaire are also provided. Once again, we would like to thank Kantar for all their hard work and the integrity of their methodology, as well as all the tenants who contributed their opinions to provide the most accurate picture possible of the best managed properties and the best managers – and of what tenants really want and need.