The glorious twelfth!

In this editorial piece, I often end up writing about some past event, as I dust off some ancient memory, before unleashing my stream of consciousness. However, once a year, for the issue that actually comes out during the Eurobuild Awards Gala, a rather more ambitious task is set before me. I have to predict what’s going to happen in the dim and murky future

As I write these words, the online jury is still out; and when you read this text, which the first of you will do on the evening of September 27th after the official part of the Gala, you will already know everything: who’s going home with the most trophies and who’s drowning their sorrows at the hotel bar, how much money has been raised for charity, whether the wine we’ve selected this year is fit for the refined palates of most of those present, whether the chef at the DoubleTree by Hilton knows how to prepare good vegetarian options, who the last person was left boogieing the night away on the dance floor, and, of course, what the hosts of the competition were wearing...

However, I shall take the opportunity at this early stage to invite you to read our report from the Gala, together with bright and colourful photographs and all the comments of the winners, when it eventually comes out in our November magazine. But in the current issue of Eurobuild I would urge you above all to read our summary of the Awards together with the detailed descriptions of the Tenant Awards. Once again, we have commissioned Kantar to survey 410 companies occupying 50 commercial buildings in order to identify the properties and managers that best serve their tenants. As far as we know, this is the only such market survey of its kind that is carried out anywhere in the CEE region. You can also read a few interesting interviews, including one with the Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Nicklas Lindberg of Echo Investment, who summarises all the years he has spent in Poland. Our ‘cover boys’ this month, Georg Blaschke and Martin Erbe of Helaba, also have many interesting observations to make on the past, present and future of the real estate scene here. You can also find out about the opinions of a range of other top experts, from Cushman & Wakefield and 7R. I would also recommend that you read our analysis of the Hungarian market, of the tenant mix selection process for retail parks, and the challenges faced by the designers of city squares. We also have a special supplement that we have prepared in collaboration with the main players in their segment. Essential reading! The October issue also traditionally appears at the Expo Real fair in Munich, so it’s quite possible that you’re reading these words with a glass of beer in your hand and a plate of schnitzel and potato salad. Which, believe me, is the perfect accompaniment for such a read.

Do you remember our 11th Gala, which took place just after the lockdown? The joke going around backstage was that every company present should receive an award, just because… well, they had survived. Now we are meeting in happier times, because, even though we’ve had to absorb yet more bad news, the market has regained its balance and is moving onwards into the future. The next time that we experience the excitement of the Eurobuild Awards will be in another twelve months – and I’ve got the feeling that the thirteenth award ceremony is going to be another triumph for everyone involved.

See you all at next year’s Gala!