In praise of first-timers

Where have you worked before? How many years did you study? What degrees and certificates do you have? Such questions are often asked at job interviews. Obviously, to check whether you have enough knowledge and experience to be of use to the company. But spending your entire life in one industry or doing a single job is no guarantee that you have mastered them. If that were the case, Warsaw’s taxi drivers would be the best drivers in the world – so sometimes you have to trust your intuition and go for a new kid with no experience who seems to know a lot and have aptitude.

That’s what it was like with this year’s Eurobuild Gala. Even though those on the Eurobuild team who organised the event have been through a lot together, none of them had ever put on such a big event before. And I can proudly boast that it was a huge success. So, in this issue we take a look back on that September evening in the main section of this month’s issue, where we publish photos of the Gala and show all the emotions of the winners of the region’s premier real estate awards. We also give you a taste for the wider world in our coverage of the recent Expo Real fair, where Eurobuild was the only Polish monthly officially on distribution (you can also find out more about the event from our Eurobuild FM series of podcasts).

But it’s not just memories like these that we would like to re-live with you this month. We also cover a range of hot topics, some of which are (kind of) making their debut too. We’ve been talking to some serious players that have decided to come over to dip their feet in our promised land and immediately establish their rules for playing the game. We also report on two events in the office world – the opening of the tallest building in the EU and the start of work on the latest skyscraper on Rondo Daszyńskiego in Warsaw. And out of respect for seniority, we also take a look at some of those not-very-new buildings that are being granted a second youth. Whoever said that the “silver wave” only applied to people? The most modern segment of the real estate market also gets a look-in in this edition, in our legal analysis of the rather topical subject of building and operating those electric vehicle charging stations that now seem to be springing up everywhere like mushrooms after the rain. How quick and easy is it to set them up? (spoiler alert: not very.) We also cast an environmental eye on our local transport infrastructure in our opinion column. As our intrepid author argues, just providing more bus lanes or the odd extra platform at suburban railway stations is never going to be enough to get everyone to give up on their cars and jump onto public transport – especially since the invention of the teleport machine is unlikely to happen any time soon.

This issue also comes with our special retail supplement, which this time is dominated by retail parks. Yes, retail is back – and in some style. Eurobuild, too, is more sustainable this month, as we try out a new way of attaching supplements to the magazine. We’ve dispensed with the cellophane that used to wrap additional materials together with each issue, thanks to our adoption of recyclable adhesive gel.

So, enjoy your read while this year’s beautiful autumn is still warm and mellow.