Nordea Command & Control Centre

Banking group Nordea has opened an office in on ul. Daimlera in Warsaw’s Włochy district. Nordea Horizon is its new global cyber-security command and control centre and takes up three floors of the recently completed Libra 2 building developed by Mermaid Capital. The security centre takes up around 2,500 sqm, where a staff of around 250 IT personnel monitor the bank’s online operations around the clock.

“Our ambition has been to assure our clients close and secure monitoring of our banking operations that is completely automated. The work we currently do here has wide scope and I am personally proud of what our technology team has achieved in such a short space of time. This has only been made possible by the superb teamwork and abilities shown by our business and technical staff,” claims Paul Bari, the CIO of the Nordea group. The interior design of the office is by Workplace.