Bidding the last year goodbye

It’s evening and the room is lit by discreet lamps. When I lean forward to check what flavour I am about to taste, the light reflects off my wine glass.

Atmospheric music is playing. A waiter serves our starters and – if you are still reading this – you have probably concluded that I’ve got my texts mixed up and instead of an editorial for a real estate magazine I am writing a second-rate love story. I might have let my imagination run wild a little, but the day before was marked by a discussion over whether to put our most precious asset, i.e. our editorial team, up for auction as part of the 24th Finale of the annual Great Orchestra Christmas Charity event. Following in the footsteps of celebrities, selected journalists would offer their time to go out for dinner while an interested party from the real estate world would support the charity and everyone would be happy. Admittedly, our editorial journalist-lawyer pointed out that by encouraging people to participate in such a procedure I would come close to transgressing paragraph 204 of the Crimes Act – but it would all be for a good cause. And what connection does the Great Orchestra Christmas Charity have with the real estate market apart from the fact that some of you have probably supported the foundation, which raises money for the treatment of children and the elderly, either from your own pockets or from your companies’ funds? Well. Poland’s current ruling party criticised this particular campaign. And what was the effect? On the first day (January 10th) the amount of money raised was higher than that collected by the final day in 2015. The ultimate total will probably be published around March, but a clear impetus to do something to spite the Orchestra’s critics was clearly evident. I’m expecting a similar response from business people throughout 2016, because there’s much to suggest that when we reminisce about the last year it will be with a note of melancholy in our voices. Do you remember how good 2015 was? The new ruling party has a few ideas that will impact our industry and the economy in general. And what do the experts expect for our part of Europe this year? You can find this out in our ‘Into the Crystal Ball’ survey on page 80.