Band of brokers

It was a night of surprises. One of them could have been found in a secret performance of the very talented JLL Band. It turns out that property people might have more in common with rockers than most think
What do the employees of real estate companies do after hours to loosen their ties but tighten their bonds? Culinary workshops, running groups, dinner parties, organised trips or simply events that last into the early hours are de rigueur. But when you need something extra, you can also, quite imply, have fun on stage together. The set performed by the JLL Band – a rock group set up by the company’s Polish branch – convinced everyone of this during the Eurobuild Awards gala. It was established by Tomasz Trzósło, the managing director of the company and also one of the vocalists of the group, in 2014. “I wanted a band to play during an event organised on the 20th anniversary of JLL Poland and I thought that we could use this opportunity to get together one of our own,” he explains. So they sought on music enthusiasts in the company. And this is how Iza Ciszewska from the office agency (vocals), Bartek Gamracy from the industrial agency (drums), Paweł Warda from project and development services (guitar), Robert Iwaniuk from property management (keyboards) and Piotr Łoś from marketing (guitar) came to play in the band. “We only needed a bass player. Nobody at JLL was interested, so we recruited Piotrek Rutkowski, who plays in a metal band together with Bartek Gamracy,” explains Tomasz Trzósło. The event took place in Warsaw’s Railway Museum. The JLL Band played outdoors from a train carriage. Encouraged by its first success, the band repeated the gig at the company’s Christmas party and then at other events. The reaction from the audiences is always very positive and the Eurobuild Awards Gala (during which the band played with a slightly reduced line-up) was no exception. “We play very rarely, and only for fun and – hopefully – for the entertainment of our audiences; but since the gala we have received offers to play at other concerts. All of these will be considered, of course,” promises Tomasz Trzósło.