It’s about self-discipline

Eurobuild Awards
The tenants’ ‘Office Manager of the Year’ award for 2015 has been jointly awarded to two managers from Dyskret Polska, who look after the Vinci Office Center building in Kraków. Anna Jakubowska, the property manager, and Bogusław Staszkiewicz, the technical director, told us what characteristics a building manager needs to have in order to win such an honour

What is the key to success?

In our opinion the most important features a manager has to have are commitment to their work, a proactive approach when it comes to contact with the tenants, and assistance in terms of solving their everyday needs and problems. Expert knowledge and experience are also necessary.

What problems and challenges do you come across in your everyday work?

The main challenge for the building manager continues to be keeping the tenant happy while representing the interests of the owner. The management of an office building involves a great deal of everyday, repetitive activities, which require self-discipline and self-motivation from the building manager. The effectiveness of these activities is reflected in the efficient work of the building service staff, among other factors. It needs to be remembered that ongoing problem solving should also involve the introduction of the right systems for avoiding such problems in the future.

What is the most interesting thing in your work?

We are curious about the changing trends on the office space market, as a result of the implementation of modern technology and green solutions. Thanks to our direct cooperation with the tenants we are able to participate in putting these changes into practice.

What might the future of the office sector be like?

This year Polish office market analysts have recorded growth in both tenant activity and the demand generated by them compared to last year. A similar trend is also forecast for the year to come. However, the prospects vary significantly for individual markets. These are mostly subject to development activity and the amount of space that is to be completed in 2016. The supply will considerably exceed the needs of future tenants on some markets, which will lead to reductions in rent and decreasing developer activity. Generally speaking, the pace of development of the office market and the interest of foreign investors in purchasing office buildings in Poland gives us reasons to be optimistic.

What does the Eurobuild Awards 2015 prize mean to you?

Our victory at the Eurobuild Awards 2015 is a great honour for us. The fact that it is a tenants’ award gives us great satisfaction and, first of all, it is confirmation and an appreciation of the effectiveness of our everyday work.

The vinci Style

Centrum Biurowe Vinci, an office building with a total area of 28,000 sqm, was put into operation in March 2010. The building is located at ul. Opolska 100 in Kraków and has 14 floors, including two underground levels. The area of one floor in the building amounts to 1,650 sqm. In June 2011 the Polish Union of Civil Engineers and Technicians [PZIiTB] and the Ministry of Infrastructure honoured the building with an award of the first degree in the public utility buildings category of the Project of the Year 2010 competition. Tenants of the office building include Alior Bank, Orlen Oil, Heineken, Rolls-Royce, Xerox, PKO Bank Polski, Ecolab, EC Engineering and Genpact.