A piece of virtual cake?

Sing, sing! My son was chanting these words at his birthday party with a slight air of impatience, because – in his opinion – the guests were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ too quietly. How did he turn into this five-year-old with such strong opinions and attitudes?

A member of our editorial team, Aneta Cichla, is to embark upon the bumpy road called motherhood this summer and is saying goodbye to our readers for a few months. I have been watching her buying pregnancy clothes, checking out the range of cosmetics for pregnant women, prams, etc. online. Is it easier these days to prepare for the mission code-named ‘the first baby’ than it was five years ago? It probably is, as long as you are not allergic to online shopping (but it certainly isn’t when it comes to the emotional aspects of the preparations). It seems that the majority of Poles (and not only Poles) have no such hang ups about online shopping.

This year the value of the Polish e-commerce market could grow to as much as PLN 38 bln (PLN 9 bln more than in 2015), writes Aneta in her article titled ‘Immediate Dispatch’. As they compete for customers, retail chains, logistics companies and warehouse developers are responding to their changing expectations and offering deliveries on the same day the order is placed. Customers who are pressed for time, along with the above-mentioned retail chains, logistics providers and warehouse operators, are all happy with this development – it’s only the owners of brick-and-mortar stores and shopping centres who are still wondering how to get themselves a slice of this cake. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about that when it came to my five-year-old’s cake.