Edition 6 (211) June 2016


A piece of virtual cake?

Sing, sing! My son was chanting these words at his birthday party with a slight air of impatience, because – in his opinion – the guests were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ too quietly. How did he turn into this five-year-old with such strong opinions and attitudes?

Ewa Andrzejewska
Retail & leisure

Empik vs. shopping experience

POLAND In the middle of this year the Empik Media & Fashion chain is to open the first Empik under a new concept, which is to be a response to the omnichannel sales trend. The company has prepared a plan for the gradual introduction of a new interior design to existing and newly-opened outlets. Three Empiks with the new format are to be opened in various parts of Poland before the end of this year

Retail & leisure

Working out and building up

POLAND According to the ‘The Fitness Industry in Poland and Europe Still Works Out’ report, prepared by Deloitte and the Polish Association of Fitness Employers (PZPF), the Polish fitness club market is set to grow.

Retail & leisure

Changing the channel

What are the emerging trends when it comes to the IT systems used for combining traditional and online sales channels?

Interviewer: Aneta Cichla

Griffin two steps ahead

I have recently heard you say that one of the key fields which Griffin operates in is the apartments for rent market. This is news to me.

Interviewer: Ewa Andrzejewska
Warehouse & industrial

Segro plans rapid growth

Segro is planning to increase its warehouse portfolio by 50 pct, from 6 mln to 9 mln sqm, over the next five years. Around 500,000 sqm of this will be in Poland and the Czech Republic. What development goals have you set yourselves for the next five years or so?

Interviewer: Rafał Ostrowski
Warehouse & industrial

Prologis plumps out portfolio

EUROPE Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland are countries where Prologis has been strengthening its presence. Building its first speculative Hungarian warehouse in eight years could be considered a milestone. In Slovakia the company has completed a project for prestigious client BMW, while in the Czech Republic Prologis is also expanding its portfolio. In Poland, meanwhile, it has recently leased out 29,000 sqm.

Stock market report

At the crossroad

The lack of a clear positive trend on the global stock exchanges accompanied by the risks looming on the horizon have resulted in the evaporation of the optimism of the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, the trend for decreasing turnover is becoming more obvious on the WSE. The growths of the winter and the beginning of spring have only been maintained by development companies


Escape from Mordor

After a dozen or so years of intensive development, the business service sector has now surpassed the mining industry in terms of employment. Mistakes were made on the way, but this is not the point. It is, however, worth asking whether the right conclusions have been drawn from them and whether we can expect further dynamic growth

Tomasz Szpyt
Investment & finance

Small properties, big money

On top of a real estate market worth billions of euros, the transaction turnover for smaller properties is doing well in Poland – and its scale is even comparable to that for larger assets

Tomasz Szpyt
Office & mixed-use development

Top level tenant

Bars, restaurants and clubs on the roofs and top floors of skyscrapers are usually among the most popular entertainment attractions of a city. And more have recently started to appear in Warsaw. But do they make good tenants?

Anna Pakulniewicz
Retail & leisure

Immediate dispatch

The same-day delivery of items ordered online will soon become the standard. Logistics companies and warehouse developers are already preparing for the increase in customer traffic from e-commerce

Aneta Cichla

Adventure World Warsaw back on

The largest Central European theme park development is back from the abyss – Peter Mulder, the main mover behind the plan, tells us in an exclusive interview

Rafał Ostrowski

Flash of in-spire-ation

Under a cannonade of fireworks and in the presence real estate market players and tenants as well as Warsaw city officials, the Warsaw Spire – Ghelamco’s pride and joy – has been officially opened


Of MICE and management

The 7th hotel investment conference organised by Eurobuild Conferences took place on May 12th, 2016 at the PGE Narodowy centre. More than 150 market players were in attendance – hoteliers, investors, local authorities, bankers, MICE sector representatives, owners and managers


Bringing up baby

We watch them from the very first day. We follow their progress and keep our fingers crossed for their future development. Who are we talking about? Properties. They are like children to their owners – and because Children’s Day falls in June, I have decided to devote a few words to them at the end of this issue

Aneta Cichla