Edition 3 (286) March 2024


From Azur to green

It’s traditional for the March edition of ‘Eurobuild’ to be sent out to MIPIM along with representatives of the magazine. Reading through the events agenda that accompanies the fair, you can come only to one conclusion – and that’s that ESG has taken permanent root in the real estate investment sector

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

A better world without us

Marcin Juszczyk, the chairman of ULI Poland and a board member of Capital Park, points to the way forward for the market and how we can improve our behaviour so that the machines won't eventually decide to take us over

Small talk

Money in mattresses

Michał Obara, the managing director of Student Depot, tells us all about the current state of play in the burgeoning student halls sector in Poland

Small talk

Offices for diverse needs

Marcin Łapiński, the managing director of fit-out specialists Tétris Poland, tells us about how the company has been responding to the changes in office usage since the pandemic as well as the segments it will be focusing on next


Exceptional in the new normal

When he started out at Gleeds as an assistant project manager in 1997, the property and construction consultancy had a team of only a dozen or so employees. Today, it is the largest branch of the company in the EU, employing about 200 people, about half of whom are women. So, we spoke to its managing director, Jacek Kostrzewski, who over the years has overseen much of its growth and success


Letting the LEX do the legwork

All stakeholders are slowly realising that lex developer is a good way to reconcile the interests of the community, the investor and local residents. and projects today, which are increasingly larger and require less preparation time, confirm this thesis – according to Jacek Zengteler, the president of the management board of Yareal Polska, in this exclusive interview


A certified success

Periodically, we pose a few questions to those companies who are undoubtedly among the leading lights when it comes to introducing ESG in Poland. One developer that has been blazing this trail for some time with its premium residential and office projects in Warsaw and the TriCity is Yareal Polska. And so, we spoke to its head of marketing, Olga Prokopiak

Investment & finance

The greening of finance

Green real estate loans and bonds are not just gaining in popularity, they are becoming the market norm, as EU sustainability legislation covering the banking and property sectors increasingly comes into force. And if assets can’t fulfil lenders’ ESG requirements, then soon any kind of financing will become impossible

Nathan North

Old-school with a new twist

Conversion and modernisation projects have now become a fixture on the Polish real estate market. They can be profitable, they provide bragging rights, and they fit in perfectly with ESG policies. This is why developers and investors all seem to agree that it’s worthwhile making that extra effort to give old walls new life

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
The Expert Eye

Social capital

In the ESG activities of many organisations, the ‘E’, or environmental, initiatives usually come to the fore. Social issues (the ‘S’), however, sometimes seem to take a backseat. But we shouldn’t forget that every company operates in a wider ecosystem, which includes its employees, business partners and local communities. Hence this aspect should be an integral part of the strategy

Agnieszka Zaczyńska, Segro
Urban planning

A change in procedures

Do Integrated Investment Plans represent an opportunity to build what could not previously be built in Poland – or will they prove to be a headache for both local authorities and investors?

Alex Hayes
Case study

Among the dunes

Syrena Real Estate’s renovation of a large office complex provides us with a glimpse into the future of Służewiec in Warsaw. At the beginning of the century, it had become the city’s biggest office district, gridlocked by day and lifeless after working hours. But thanks to such projects, this is now changing

Anna Zamyłka

Goodbye to Sundays past

I seem to remember that many years ago I wrote on these pages a small diatribe about my discontent at the ban on Sunday trading. So, imagine my delight to discover that under the new Polish government shops will once again be able to open on the Sabbath

Alex Hayes