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The year of the elephant

For the last three years, ‘Eurobuild’ has been based in the Wola Retro office building. Most of our team use the nearby Płocka metro station to travel there. This is not a large station, and would have been built in a relatively simple manner were it not for one fact: during the excavations for its construction, fragments of a prehistoric mammal were discovered

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

On the eve of the revolution

Katarzyna Lipka of Cushman & Wakefield reveals what the consultancy's new strategic consultancy and ESG department actually does, how it helps clients to navigate all the latest regulations, which segments are likely to fare the best, while telling us about her skiing camp plans

Small talk

Modernising zeal

Maciej Kopański, a partner of the Baltcap Infrastructure Foundation, tells us how the Baltic investment fund has been engaging in school and social housing redevelopment projects in Poland, what it's like to work wth local authorities on these projects, and how he likes to spend time among the huge sand dunes on the Curonian Spit

Small talk

Experience and resources

Marcin Malka, the CEO of Polish developer Real Management. on how the company has shifted its focus from investing to developing, which sectors it is now focused on, and his love of winter swimming

Small talk

Little time left to be green

Monika Dębska-Pastakia, who recently joined KPMG as head of real estate advisory, describes how she has been putting together a single real estate services team, how ready the real estate market is for the green revolution, the prospects for the various segments... and her love of ice-skating

Stock market report

Excitement in the run-up to Christmas

By the end of the year, stock investors, in Warsaw and also around the world, were looking forward with some optimism. On the WSE, the construction index led the way, while the number of residential developers listed on the bourse was boosted with the addition of Murapol, which held the first IPO to take place for many months, raising PLN 404 mln for the company


The constructive approach

The general contracting business in Poland has become rather polarised of late, with some companies reporting record results for 2023, while others are staring into the abyss of bankruptcy. Why is there such a divergence of fortunes, how can money still be made, and how can new contracts still be won?

Rafał Ostrowski

Greener than green

A revolution is underway in how lease agreements are structured to make them share the risks and benefits of implementing green policies more equitably

Alex Hayes

BREEAM is only one side of the (green) coin

Every company has been paving its own path towards carbon neutrality. At the same time, more and more investors have been making demands in terms of the environmental approach that is taken – not only in their own organisations, but also when it comes to their business partners. Sustainability in the commercial real estate market is, therefore, no longer limited to obtaining certification – it’s about the particular approach to the business, including the focus on reducing its carbon footprint.

Stanisław Zysek, Segro

Silence is golden

We are constantly exposed to a range of different noises, and our quality of life, especially in large cities, can be seriously affected by excessive auditory stimulus. We often fail to notice the noise that we are subjected to from the street, office equipment, background conversation, telephones and background music, while working in silence has become a luxury that city dwellers are often in no position to enjoy.

Anna Zamyłka
Case study

Gold in Gdańsk

In December it was announced that a communist-era building in Gdańsk had been extensively renovated and brought back into use by its owner, Millennium Bank. But what’s interesting about this project is that it now meets the top contemporary sustainability standards, as confirmed by it being awarded a LEED ‘Gold’ certificate

Nathan North
The Expert Eye

Friday I’m at home

We’ve all become accustomed to a commercial real estate market that mainly changes as a result of economic cycles; however, the factors that determine demand remain relatively unchanged. This could all be set to change with the rise of the hybrid model of working from anywhere – along with the four-day week

Bolesław Kołodziejczyk, Klaudia Okoń and Piotr Chęciński of BNP Paribas Real Estate
The Expert Eye

The key to customer care

For warehouse developers, it is not only four walls and a roof that counts. Equally vital are flexibility, agility, transparency, understanding the customer’s needs, and the ability to propose effective solutions. Such an approach makes it possible to create a customer experience based on valued relationships and tangible benefits generated at each stage of the cooperation

Renata Kocemba, Prologis

Smile, it’ll be better tomorrow!

For the 29th time, we all met up to look back on the real estate sector over the previous year and hear the latest forecasts for the next. It wasn’t an occasion for wild celebrations, but nobody seemed downcast about the prospects


Not a dry eye for the house

Many of us dream of swapping our cramped little flats for large houses with gardens; but there are also others who do the exact opposite – including members of my own family

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska