Edition 6 (289) June 2024


First and foremost

At the time of writing this editorial, the European Parliamentary Elections are about to take place (probably the most underrated of all elections), so I thought this would be a good moment to tell you all about my first experience as an elector. It all started 35 years ago, in June 1989, when Poland’s first democratic elections were held.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Holding the fort

Maciej Krenek, the Poland country director of Atenor, tells us about the challenges involved in the developer's Fort 7 mixed-use development next to a 19th century fort close to Chopin Airport - as well as his love of sailing close to the Arctic

Small talk

The wind to spread their wings

Joanna Iwanowska-Nielsen of Cemat and Marta Zawadzka of Yareal Polska tell us about their work mentoring orphaned Ukrainian youngsters to perhaps embark on a career in real estate


Not just another lemon tree

In an exclusive interview, Bartłomiej Krawiecki, Maciej Krawiecki and Łukasz Jachna, the founders of LemonTree, tell us about their unique approach to sustainable construction and tenant relations as well as their pioneering use of technology


A slow first quarter – but better times ahead?

The first quarter of the year is usually the quietest when it comes to real estate investment, but this year the volume in Poland was the weakest for many a comparable year, coming in at just EUR 364 mln

Nathan North
Human resources

To be in the hunt

With the slowdown in investment and a real estate market unsure of where it’s heading, the impact of this is also being felt by employment consultancies. Joanna Kozarzewska, a partner and head of real estate and construction of executive recruitment specialists Wyser, tells us how her company is responding to this situation as well as what you need to think about when considering transferring your skills elsewhere within the sector

Country focus

Keep calm and carry on building

The further development of the Ukrainian residential real estate market depends heavily on its regional and other specific characteristics – chiefly, its distance from the front line and the frequency of rocket and drone attacks from the Russian side

Alex Hayes
The Expert Eye

Priced out of the market

The beginning of the year saw a big rise in the activity of residential developers, but in most cities this has not led to the prices for new housing stabilising as was expected. The developers, meanwhile, are now faced with empty sales offices. And the slump in buyers in April was a warning shot for those who have been clearly overestimating the financial means of their potential clients

Marek Wielgo, and

A box of artistic delights

A white box has appeared in the heart of Warsaw, which, despite its simple form, has evoked some strong reactions. Nonetheless, the new Museum of Modern Art could quickly be assimilated into the city to become one of its most interesting attractions

Magdalena Rachwald

Fitter, happier… and more productive

The annual sports competitions organised by Eurobuild Conferences are now behind us. In May, the real estate sector got together once again to battle it out for titles, prizes or just personal pride, while at the same time getting to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere, have fun and forge new business links


A broken soundtrack

We’ve been able to reserve seats on Intercity trains for some time now, and sometimes we can even choose to sit in a quiet zone – much to the delight of anyone who hates noise or feels ill when sat facing in the opposite direction to that of the vehicle

Julia Cudowska