Edition 12 (284) December 2023


Coming up to the big three-zero

Since 2023 is now drawing to a close, it means that ‘Eurobuild’ has been in existence for 29 years. Many readers might remember that the company started in 1994 with organising events for the sector, while the first magazine only appeared three years later

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Eurobuild Awards

Meet the winners!

Read the full list of all the winners of the Eurobuild Awards as announced at the Awards Gala on November 21st at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Warsaw as well as their comments!

Eurobuild Awards

Outstanding Contribution to Real Estate 2023

Tomasz Lubowiecki founded 7R from humble beginnings, but in just 15 years has created a strong and well-known brand. Since then, and without the support of foreign capital, the warehouse developer has grown to become one of the leaders of the sector, successfully competing with international players. This year, he signed one of the largest M&A deals on the European real estate market by partnering with Nrep


That was the night that was!

The 13th Eurobuild Awards certainly didn’t turn out to be unlucky for some, since, as usual, the main honours went to the best companies as well as the most outstanding people, the most original projects and the worthiest non-business activities

Tomasz Cudowski
Christmas Feature

Gingerbread men and women

A few days before the evening of the Eurobuild Awards Gala, a less spectacular but equally important charity event also organised by us took place. One year ago we raised money to support Ukraine by making pierogi, but this year we tried our hands at making gingerbread, which was also to raise funds for our Ukrainian friends

Tomasz Cudowski
Small talk

The spirit of the age

Maximilian Mendel, the Poland managing director of Zeitgeist AM on the company’s latest urban renewal project in Warsaw city centre, its next plans, and his outlook for the future

Small talk

In need of some hygge in November

Søren Rodian Olsen, the managing director of Logicenters Poland, Nrep and an executive committee member of the Urban Land Institute in Poland gives us his take on the health of the various sectors of the Polish real estate market – and also tells us how Danish people like to unwind as the nights draw in

Small talk

Navigating through the turbulence

Nikolay Ovchinnikov, a senior asset manager at LaSalle Investment Management tells us why his platform is still keen on investing in the CEE office market during the present economic and geo-political situation, the investor's recent successes with WiredScore ‘Platinum’ certification, and, in fact, why he's been so busy he needs a well-deserved Christmas break

Stock market report

Warsaw bullish after the elections

Optimism has made its return to the Warsaw trading floor following the results of Poland’s parliamentary elections. The global uncertainty, meanwhile, is still dampening the appetite for buying shares. Investors remain wary of the slow economic recovery and are waiting for a definitive end to the interest rate hikes


The Ideal family business

In an exclusive interview for ‘Eurobuild CEE’, Andrzej Dużyński, the founder and CEO of Ideal Idea, tells us about the development of the largest SBU warehouse project in Poland, the ups and downs of doing business in the country, and the possibility of handing the company over to the next generation

The Expert Eye

The most taxing issues

The real estate sector has had to face many challenges in recent years, some of which have resulted from changes to the taxation environment. What have been the most important issues this year – and what should you be prepared for in 2024?

Justyna Bauta-Szostak, MDDP

Waiting to charge up

Developers want to build projects that have their own sources of green energy, but Poland still has relatively few of these completed or in the pipeline

Anna Zamyłka

Prefabulous once more

At the beginning of October, a press conference took place on the Karolew estate in Łódź to launch the latest stage of the ‘Przyjazne Osiedle’ [Friendly Estate] programme. But is this scheme necessary, beneficial or even feasible?

Julia Cudowska

Contech in context

As the construction industry around the world finally wakes up to the need to embrace digitalisation, former managers from the sector are forming IT startups to provide them with the tools they require. But convincing the sector that it needs this is still easier said than done

Nathan North

Switching between channels

The growth of e-commerce has recently been sputtering, whereas traditional retailers have been enjoying record footfall and turnovers. But it turns out that the fates of these two sales channels are more intertwined than it seems at first glance

Alex Hayes

Postcards from home

You may or may not know this, but the inhabitants of my adopted city of Poznań have had a lot to put up with recently. Our vision of the city has become increasingly blighted in recent years by never-ending roadworks and renovation projects. But promises made by the local authorities that they will soon be finished are rarely reflected in reality

Julia Cudowska