Coming up to the big three-zero

Since 2023 is now drawing to a close, it means that ‘Eurobuild’ has been in existence for 29 years. Many readers might remember that the company started in 1994 with organising events for the sector, while the first magazine only appeared three years later

. Since that time, dozens – if not hundreds – of people have worked in our offices, including journalists, salespeople, event organisers, accountants, office managers, and even senior executives. Importantly, most of these people remain in contact and on good terms with ‘Eurobuild’, be it as friends or as business partners. In any case, when we accidently run into each other in town, we don’t have to cross over to the other side of the street to avoid saying hello; and when we meet at some real estate event, we normally end up having a drink (and sometimes many) together. To be honest, not everybody appreciates the ‘Eurobuild’ team spirit. It’s become something of a legend in our offices that one intern working as a journalist, on their first day drank their morning coffee, went to the toilet, and then never returned. It is, however, quite common for people to return to ‘Eurobuild’ after leaving the company. Some have even had three separate periods of working for the company. And the career ladder works both ways with us. Journalists become editors and vice versa, while full-time workers become freelancers and freelancers become full-timers. And that’s how things have worked for almost the last three decades. Can you imagine the kind of party that we’re going to have next year?

On the topic of parties, the annual Eurobuild Awards Gala is now behind us, which is not just the largest event for ‘Eurobuild’, but also for the entire market. As usual, there was a great deal of positive emotion, happy reunions, and new contacts made. Just a few days before this great ball at the Warsaw DoubleTree by Hilton, our editorial team had a much smaller party, but one that was every bit as enjoyable, as we met up in a Ukrainian restaurant in Praga Południe to bake gingerbread together and raise money for the Spotkania foundation, which supports the construction of a new civic society in Europe. You can find photos from both these events in the magazine. But we also have a lot to read. Not only do we have an interview with one of the more eminent figures from the warehouse market, but also two ESG analyses. We check out where we really are when it comes to supplying buildings with green energy and whether a scheme to insulate prefabricated blocks initiated by the outgoing government has any chance of coming to fruition. We also examine how the development of the contech market is coming along and whether the marriage of e-commerce and traditional retail will turn into a story ending in a ‘happily ever after’. We also take a dive into those issues from which there is no escape, as we ask the experts what kind of tax changes can be expected in 2024.

But don’t worry about this for the moment. Instead, we wish you a warm and merry Christmas as well as a well-deserved rest over the winter holidays. And also lots of reasons to celebrate in the new year!