Gingerbread men and women

Christmas Feature
A few days before the evening of the Eurobuild Awards Gala, a less spectacular but equally important charity event also organised by us took place. One year ago we raised money to support Ukraine by making pierogi, but this year we tried our hands at making gingerbread, which was also to raise funds for our Ukrainian friends

In mid-November, a dozen real estate professionals met up at the Kuchnia za Ścianą restaurant run by refugees from Ukraine in Warsaw’s Praga Południe district, for some friendly bonding, to establish new contacts, and to prepare and bake gingerbread, while at the same time raising money for the small but doughty Spotkania Foundation. The foundation promotes cultural and scientific exchange between Polish and Ukrainian universities, while also supporting Ukrainian animal shelters and funding the purchase of clothing and medical supplies for Ukraine’s civil defence. “The important thing is that we support specific companies and people and respond immediately to their needs as soon as we become aware of them. We are a small organisation, so we are not burdened with huge administration or other costs, and we even pay our accountant out of private funds. Thanks to this, each złoty transferred to our account exclusively goes towards helping those in need. This was the foundation’s goal from its very outset – to make the world a slightly better place,” explains Joanna Getka, the president of the foundation and professor at the University of Warsaw.

We could write at length about the wonderful atmosphere of this meeting at Kuchnia Za Ścianą, but it was actually better captured in the photos, in which you can also see the works of art our colleagues from the real estate sector were able to create out of gingerbread cake mix.

We would like to thank all the people and companies who have contributed to our campaign, which include: Arcadis, Argon Legal, BNP Paribas RE, Hines, Kajima Poland, Prologis and Vastint. As a result of the event, we have managed to raise PLN 12,500 to really help make this world a better place!

You can support the Spotkania Foundation at any time by making a donation using this QR code.