Cards on the table

Phew... we can all now breathe a sigh of relief. We no longer have to force ourselves to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym. The first few weeks of January are now behind us and we’ve probably already have forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions.

After all, the statistics don’t lie: researchers at one American university have found that 75 pct of us keep to our resolutions for... just one week. And as few as 8 pct of the people around the world manage to keep them entirely. These findings come to me straight from the web, but I won’t even check on their reliability because deep down I know for sure that there’s more than a grain of truth in them. I can promise, however, that we won’t be breaking ours quite so easily. We are preparing some surprises for you, a number of changes – and we should be keeping to these resolutions at least until the end of 2020! This year promises to be an interesting one, a fact that also becomes evident from the comments of the Eurobuild Awards winners in this issue. The latest winners were more distinguished and numerous than ever before, because this was the tenth time we had held this ceremony – and to mark the occasion a number of special honours were presented (the Awards of the Decade), which went to Atrium Poland Real Estate Management, JLL, Ghelamco Poland, Griffin Real Estate and Panattoni Europe. The changes I mentioned will partly apply to our flagship project, the Eurobuild Awards, but not exclusively. However, I don’t want to show you all our cards right now. Robert Dobrzycki, the head of Panattoni Europe, has revealed more of his hand, by telling us about the mistakes he now regrets and what he intends to do when he retires... and it’s not putting his feet up by the fireplace.