Strange days!

Guess who’s on the front cover? If you don’t know him, and probably you don’t, he’s the building manager of a certain residential project in Warsaw. You could see him as symbolising all the workers in our sector who were unable, even during the strictest days of the lockdown, to work from home.

It’s thanks to people like him that so many developments are still more or less on schedule and that in a few months’ time the market will be able to get back to normal. Well, more or less. At least agents will have something to lease, banks will have projects to finance and investors something to buy. So the man on the cover – who’s actually called Robert – is there as our thank-you and as a mark of respect to all those working on the front line of our sector: the building site. After all, it goes without saying that putting a nurse on the front cover of our magazine would look a bit weird.

The other thing on the front cover I’d like to draw your attention to is the number of this issue: 250. We are a quarter of the way to our thousandth issue, each having been brought to you through the blood, sweat, tears and toil of not only us journalists but also of all those working in the sales and conference departments, not to mention our accountants. We had been planning to have a rather bigger celebration, but under the circumstances what can you do? Fortunately, we can always dig up recipes on the internet for low-budget cocktails that at least look sort-of posh.

And to those who may be surprised by the reorganisation that has taken place to the editorial staff of Eurobuild magazine, I would like to paraphrase a poem, originally by 19th century Russian poet and diplomat Fyodor Tyutchev (so apologies to him – and I hope it hasn’t been mangled too much in this English translation):

Eurobuild cannot be grasped with only your mind,

Or any common measure used
to judge us.

Eurobuild is one of a very special kind,

And all you can do is believe in us.