Heat on the courts

The Tournament, which was once again held on the indoor courts of the Europejskie Centrum Tenisa in Mysiadło on Warsaw’s southern outskirts, started in an unusual way – with a hearty breakfast

Fortified by the meal, representatives of the real estate sector then proceeded to find out who the identities of the opponents they had been drawn against. This is one of those chance elements in sport, which, no matter how skilful or match-fit you are, you have no control over – and in this case the players didn’t know who they were going to be playing against until the very last moment. All of this adds to the excitement of the spectacle, but it also provides more opportunities for meeting new people and networking. Emotions were therefore running high right from the start and had only intensified as the time came to take to the courts.

Once again, Polish Tennis Association referee Anna Jastrzębska was the chief arbiter of the tournament, and this time it had a new format, similar to the so-called Brazilian system, which was preferred to the previous group play format. This allows competitors to still have a chance of winning the main trophy even after losing their first match, thus keeping the competitive keen until almost the last ball. Everyone had a second chance, since one lost match wasn’t the end of the world – and nor was it the end of the excitement.

This is our winter tennis tournament, but you wouldn’t have guessed what season it was from just looking outside, where the sun was shining. And inside, the players were fighting it out on heated courts. The level of play was high and the excitement levels were even higher. “It’s not common for amateur tournaments for the play to be at such a high and equal level. I’ve been impressed by the sporting prowess of the real estate sector,” enthused Anna Jastrzębska.

The main title was won by Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński (APP- Projekt) along with Tymoteusz Kokczyński (a guest of APP- Projekt), closely followed by Rafał Twarowski (Portico Development) and Sławomir Zduniak (Molis Construction), while joint third place went to Tomasz Czyżewski (Dom Development) and Paweł Gawroński (Wola District Council) as well as Dymitr Karpiński (Vonder Europe) and Maciej Kincel (MK Dach System). Huge congratulations to the winners, but also to all the participants! Everyone had a wonderful time and the tournament was played out in a fair and sporting spirit. We look forward to future battles over the net! See you next year for our 3rd winter tournament – and also before that, at the 19th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament, which will be held on May 29th on the courts, as usual, of the Warszawianka club.

We would like to thank all the contestants for their participation and our sponsors and patrons for supporting this event. Special thanks go to the main sponsor APP Projekt, and prize sponsors Recman, Audi Wilanów, Grupa Cichy-Zasada, and Avellino Bistro & Cafe. All the competitors were also entered into a prize draw, which featured shopping vouchers worth a total of PLN 7,000 as prizes, as well as cufflinks, ties, Recman-branded perfumes and the use of an electric Audi Q4 e-tron to try out for the weekend.

“At the 2nd Eurobuild Doubles Tennis Tournament, APP- Projekt fielded a total of five players, who were both employees and invited guests. We are very proud of the performance of Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński, who in sport, as well as in business, always exhibits his passion and gives everything. The competition was evenly matched, with all the tennis players showing tremendous class, for which they deserve great credit. We would also like to thank the organisers and partners for preparing the event and for their cooperation. And our tennis-related efforts this year don’t just end with the doubles tournament. At the end of May, on the Warszawianka courts, our players will be representing us in the singles at the 19th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament,” promised Magdalena Witkowska, a marketing specialist at APP-Projekt, the main sponsor of the event.