Don’t forget the neighbours!

At almost the same time that the May issue of ‘Eurobuild’ comes out, an extraordinary book is being published that I’d like to recommend to you – the Polish translation of Boris Akunin’s novella entitled ‘Adwokat Biesa’ (The Devil’s Advocate)

This is a unique publication mainly because the entire income generated from it will be donated to foundations operating in Poland that support Ukraine’s struggle to defend itself and the liberation of Belarus from its dictatorship. Some of the publication costs will be covered by funds raised on the portal, and all those who have made the work possible – including the writer, graphic designer, translator, publisher, editor, proof-reader, layout creator and DTP operator – will not be receiving any remuneration for their part in the project, thanks to which almost the entire cover price of each book sold will go to those who really need it. Many collaborators and friends of Eurobuild have also been involved in this project, for which I am eternally grateful.

It’s impossible not to notice that as a society we have become somewhat immune to the shocking images from the frontline of the war and have, to a certain extent, forgotten our eastern neighbours and the terrible things that are still being done to them – the war in Ukraine has been going on for over two years, while the current phase of repression by the Belarusian regime started almost four years ago, since when it has terrorised its citizens with ever-increasing ruthlessness. I won’t list all that we can do in our relatively peaceful and prosperous Poland to alleviate the lives of our Slavic brothers, because anyone who wants to can find many opportunities to do this. But I will encourage you to buy the book as a contribution – by supporting this publication, you can not only help our friends across our eastern borders, but also contribute to the dissemination of anti-Putin and anti-war literature, while providing yourself with some excellent reading matter for the evening. For more details, please visit

As usual, there’s a lot to read in the latest issue of ‘Eurobuild’. First of all, we take a closer look at the telecommunication systems in commercial buildings, because who wouldn’t want to have the fastest and most efficient internet possible around the clock? We also check in on how medical clinics are becoming valued tenants of office buildings along with the new services that customers of retail parks will soon be able to count on. And we take a look at the largest construction site in Poland at the moment – the gigantic logistics hub in Kąty Wrocławskie. In addition, we will be examining the power struggle between tenants and landlords in the PRS sector and how best to protect both of their interests. This issue also features a report from our recent investment conference; so if you were with us on that day, you have the opportunity to find yourself in the photos – and if not, well that’s a shame, but you can remedy this by coming to one of our future events. And there’s going to be plenty to choose from!

The May issue of ‘Eurobuild’ magazine will be in your hands sometime after the long May weekend, but don’t let this prevent you from extending your spring break even longer!