Foreign banks very rarely finance projects under construction

"Panattoni, as a warehouse developer, is searching for the project financing possibilities during the construction work," said Karina Trojanowska, operating and finansing officer in Poland, Panattoni Europe.

"We view the market as stable and we have a positive attitude towards obtaining the financing. We see that there are a variety of financial products available on the market and there are many parties who are interested in financing our projects, including those at the construction stage," said Karina Trojanowska.

"When it comes to financing Polish projects abroad, there are some restrictions, especially when it comes to projects under construction. German banks and entities active on the Polish market are focusing more on the investment preparation stage, and here there is wide access to such financial products, but they rarely decide to finance projects under construction, as they do not have the proper teams in place to serve such products," added Karina Trojanowska

"We have been searching for financing for several types of projects. Lately we have been focusing on the regional markets, which is quite for us, but there is interest from the banks in granting loans for such projects, so we can see that the support exists for us, even if we decided to start a project in a new market," added operating and finansing officer in Poland.