Oliver Heath, founder of Heath Design

"The reason why the biophillic design is so powerful and so beneficial to the workplace is because it allows us to restore our mental and physical energy and our cognitive ability," said Oliver Heath, the founder of Heath Design.

"Workplace stress is rife, you know, and we get very, very little opportunity to recuperate, to stand back and just collect our thoughts, to calm down, so stress is enormously damaging to people. It, kind of, effects our interpersonal behaviour, our productivity, so if we can find ways to allow people just to calm down, to relax, to reduce that stress, then we can actually create spaces where people perform better, and that’s what’s so important. so very simple things like allowing people to get a greater dose of natural light, seating them near a window, so that they can look out onto a view and receive more sunlight is a great way of allowing people to soak in some nature. If you don’t have a view, then introducing natural materials, textures and patterns is a simple way of adding mental and physical benefit. Now a simple way of doing that is simply installing the likes of Interface carpet tiles onto the floor, with their biomimetic approach, they add natural colours, textures and patterns right into the heart and the very soul and you can quite literally grow biophilic design from the ground up," Oliver Heath has told us.