Torus presents details of the 4th phase of Alchemia. What will the name be?

"The fourth building of the Alchemia office complex will be similar to the third building. It will also deliver 39,000 sqm of space to the market with 2,000 sqm of commercial and 36,000 - 37,000 sqm of office space," told us Maciej Brożek, proxy, business development, Torus.

"There is one main difference between the third and fourth buildings. The third building - now being built, has one core, where all the building’s amenities are located - elevators, toilets, etc. We want the fourth phase to be more flexible, also suitable for smaller tenants, so from the outside, it will be the same as the third, while inside it will have two cores," told us Maciej Brożek. He added that The construction work will start in Q2 2017, probably - April or May. And will last, traditionally, around 22 months. "There’s been no decision yet as to whether to hold a competition to name the fourth building. We have several names that were left over from the last competition to name for the third building, maybe we will use one of those. Or maybe we will hold a competition for the employees to think up a name, as we usually do when naming an investment," he said.