Intelligent means 80 pct. cheaper

"The electricity costs in the office using conventional lighting are equivalent to 10–15 pct of the rent. With LED lighting we can reduce this by 70–80 pct.," told us Tomasz Wróbel, regional manager, Poland, Latvia & Lithuania, Erco Lighting.

"The investment in LED lighting should pay off within five years. Of course, this all depends on the LED system used. An LED light or a separate LED chip should work properly for 50,000 hours. This amounts to five years and eight months if the light was permanently on, 24/7, seven days a week. So when we are talking about offices, this technology enables the system to work for ten years and all this time the bulbs on the ceiling require no maintenance as there is no need to change the bulbs etc.," told us Tomasz Wróbel. " Thanks to the new LED bulbs we are able to control the lighting electronically, with a switch, a smartphone or other devices. There are producers who have created systems that save energy by switching off the light when nobody is in, depending on how strong the daylight is, or focusing the light where it is most needed," he added.