Working on Towarowa 22

"We are working now on the planning of the Towarowa 22 project. We are filling in more and more of the details to show what the project will look like. We’ve learnt a lot from what we did in the Warsaw Brewery. It is a destination in itself with a lot of uses: residential, offices, with a retail section and a historic part," told us Nicklas Lindberg, CEO of Echo Investment.

"What you can see on the model of Towarowa 22 that we have already built is that it is not really a big shopping centre. It is a project consisting of a lot of streets, a lot of public areas and the new section is the same as what we did with the Warsaw Brewery. And if you look at the Towarowa 22 project, you will find many different uses here. There will be an even bigger number of usages than in the Warsaw Brewery: there will be a hotel, there will be rental apartments, offices, historic features, a cinema, a lot of restaurants and cafés. Current trends are really changing quickly. We are trying not to make a traditional project, this will really be a new part of the city. It is interesting to see that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about Towarowa 22 – people think that it is a pure retail project. But this is a destination project, just like many other projects across Poland and I really like that mix. Around Towarowa 22 there will be around 1 mln sqm of offices built and they really will need these kinds of services. Inside the project there will be a square of 1ha that will really make a public area similar to what there is in Manufaktura in Łódź. This is really a new way of thinking and this is what Echo has unique competence to create – office, residential, retail, rental, everything under the same platform, so this is something that will be unique to Warsaw and the architects are really working to try to make this a flagship project not only in Poland but throughout Europe," said Nicklas Lindberg.

"We will build mock-ups so people can really see what we are building. The mock-ups are in there initial stages though. We will be working on them in another three or four months to come up with something more advanced so we can show what we are building there. I am excited about this project. The timing, of course, is crucial, but for us it is important to deliver something better, so arise in Warsaw, as a positive thing for the city," CEO of Echo Investment explained.