Louvre Hotels plans expansion in Poland and CEE

"The Louvre Hotels Group currently has 18 hotels in Poland and we plan to double our portfolio over the next three years. Currently, we want to develop the chain together with external partners – developers, local investors; based on franchise agreements, as well as management and lease agreements. Lease agreements are a new thing in our group," said Adam Konieczny, director of development for Poland and Eastern Europe of Louvre Hotels.

"We introduced this type of contract last year and we are, in fact, the only hotel chain out of the top ten largest hotel groups that offer direct lease agreements. As for other countries in the region, we are prioritising those countries included in the Chinese government's "One belt, one road" strategy. Of particular interest to us is the Czech Republic, and Prague in particular, where we currently have no facilities, but we’re also interested in Mińsk and Belarus because there’s a lot of Chinese investment over there. Of course, other countries of the CEE region are also interesting – and in particular their capitals, so for sure we’re going to be going to Budapest and then Belgrade. Our top priority is to develop such brands as: the three-star Campanille chain and the four-star Golden Tulip, but we also intend to introduce the Chinese four-star Metropolo brand to Europe, especially to these key target cities. And when it comes to Poland, we plan to have this brand in Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, and Wrocław, while across the region it’ll be in Prague, Budapest, and Minsk. The One Belt, One Road strategy is a much broader strategy than just investing in real estate. Our task, as part of the Jin Jiang group, is to follow Chinese investors and Chinese travelers. For the Chinese government, Poland and the Central European region are very important and hence the decision to appoint me to this position, which had not been filled for many years," told us Adam Konieczny.