Poland on investment radar

Poland and also the CEE region as a whole is on the radar of investors due to the favourable global conditions – says Przemysław Kucharski, managing partner, Kucharski & Partners.

– The Polish economy is growing. Interest rates are still low and it is not known when they will rise. Capital markets are heated with investors wanting to invest in Poland and invest in real estate. Every year real estate seems an ever more attractive investment asset for big funds as well as smaller players and small companies. There is a large inflow of capital from Asia – China, South Korea, Malaysia – investors from these countries have entered the market for the longer term. We also see capital from South Africa and of course from North America, France, Germany and Western Europe. As for the Polish RE market itself, the industrial and logistic sectors booming. They are in their golden age. The reasons for this include Poland’s location in Europe, the growth of e-commerce, and the relatively cheaper cost of labour compared to other countries, although problems with finding employees are becoming more and more common. Logistics companies are having to transport employees from places that are far from their workplaces. Also the price of construction materials and construction costs are rising. These are the problems on the market, but this is being balanced by the rising price of real estate – not only on the logistics market but throughout the commercial real estate sector. At the same time rents are rising as can be seen from the last year or so – adds Przemysław Kucharski, managing partner, Kucharski & Partners.