Eurobuild TV: Investment transaction values will be higher than EUR 3 bln

“It is too early to give detailed assumptions, but we think this year will be as good as the previous one, or even better. This means, we assume, investment transaction values will be higher than EUR 3 bln,” said Jakub Jonkisz, head of capital markets, Knight Frank.
“We are not seeing any negative impact due to the Russian crisis on the Polish real estate market; moreover, we are seeing even more intensive interest in the Polish market from the foreign capital that was formerly interested in the Russian market. We are seeing the biggest interest in retail sector, also as a result of transactions value. The interest in offices in regional cities is rising, especially in Kraków, Wrocław and this is connected to the growing BPO sector in these cities. Also, there is rising interest in Poznań and Tricity. We are expecting a growth in interest from US investors, who are facing falling interest rates for bonds in the US and so are searching for higher interest rates in Europe, primarily in Ireland and Spain. But not everybody will manage to invest there and we hope some of this money will reach Poland,” commented Jakub Jonkisz.