Marcin Juszczyk

ULI Poland 

Marcin Juszczyk

Marcin Juszczyk, chief investment officer, chief financial officer and board member, Capital Park, has been appointed the Chair of ULI Poland. He officially began his term in October 2023, and will serve on a voluntary basis for the next two years. Marcin succeeds Søren Rodian Olsen, managing director, Logicenters Poland.

Marcin holds key positions at Capital Park, where he oversees investment and finance activity. He joined the organisation in 2003, and during his tenure has been involved in over 100 property transactions across Poland, securing more than EUR 1.3 bln in financing and raising EUR 130 mln through bonds and shares. His key priority will be to expand ULI Poland’s reach, engage new stakeholders in then Institute’s activities, foster strong collaboration with Polish cities and universities, and develop a high-level programme to engage the expertise of its members.