Ema Iftimie


Ema Iftimie

Ema Iftimie has been appointed a managing director for the company's real estate operations in Romania. Starting December 1st, Marian Popa will step down and Ema Iftimie will assume the role, focusing on operational, business development and customer care. Ema Iftimie has an impressive tenure of almost 25 years in real estate, 10 of which she's dedicated to fostering growth for Globalworth Romania through a top-tier leasing strategy. Under Ema’s supervision, the leasing department of Globalworth Romania has accomplished remarkable results. Ema Iftimie has recently been honored with the ‘Personality of the Year’ at the 2023 SEE Property Forum gala. She holds a degree in Sociology and Psychology and various diplomas in management, negotiation and business planning.