Ada Walentek

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Ada Walentek

Nhood Services Poland has singled out three new business lines within its structure and entrusted directors with long-standing ties to the company to head them - Ada Walentek will be responsible for Property & Asset Services, Marcin Stokowiec for Development and Michał Woźniak for the Resources, Fund & Investment line.
As head of Market, Property & Asset Services, Ada Walentek will coordinate the work of the Nhood Services Poland team and will be responsible for the development of the company's property management service offering, including property maintenance and cooperation with tenants. The business line also includes comprehensive commercialisation services for retail space. Under the line led by Ada Walentek, the company also offers strategic and operational marketing services, reporting, ESG-related services and project management with property management.
Ada Walentek has been with Nhood Services Poland for more than three years, having previously held various positions at Ceetrus Poland for five years, of which she served as general manager for almost a year. She also gained experience at Neinver and Klepierre. She holds a degree in cultural studies from the University of Łódź.