Marcin Stokowiec


Marcin Stokowiec

Nhood Services Poland has singled out three new business lines within its structure and entrusted directors with long-standing ties to the company to head them - Ada Walentek will be responsible for Property & Asset Services, Marcin Stokowiec for Development and Michał Woźniak for the Resources, Fund & Investment line.

Marcin Stokowiec, head of Development, heads the division which comprises three areas: development management, i.e. the coordination and management of activities aimed at the comprehensive realisation of an investment, project management, i.e. project management in the technical and administrative areas of an investment, and land advisory services, under which NHood provides advice on landed property to investors, developers and property owners.

Marcin Stokowiec joined the NHood Services Poland team in 2021. Prior to that, he worked at Apsys Poland for almost 15 years. He graduated from the Faculty of Construction at Warsaw University of Technology and also holds an MBA.