Agnieszka Gutowska

Nhood Poland

Agnieszka Gutowska

Agnieszka Gutowska has taken up the position of head of Brand Marketing & Communication at the Polish branch of Nhood. In her new role, she will be responsible for shaping the brand image in the country, taking into account the competences of the three business lines: Property & Asset Services (PAS), Development (DEV) and Resources, Fund & Investment (RFI). Agnieszka's responsibilities will include participating in the development of the brand's global marketing strategy, developing a strategy and budget plan tailored to the Polish market, managing cross-functional brand marketing projects, developing a digital communication and PR plan, as well as planning B2B events and working closely with the marketing, HR and ESG, DATA and business development teams. As a member of the international ESG Synergy team, Agnieszka has also been given the role of ESG Communication leader, where she works on the global communication of Nhood's ESG strategy.

Gutowska has led the Nhood Services Poland marketing team for the past five years. Prior to that, she served as marketing director at Ceetrus Poland.