Warsaw’s Victoria ready to lease

“Victoria is like a marriageable girl now. All grown up, beautiful and seeking for proposals from bachelors. Or, if you prefer, tenants,” said Przemysław Borkowski of the legendary Polish comedy troupe Kabarat Moralnego Niepokoju, when opening the latest property promotion event held by Eurobuild for IVG in Warsaw. Victoria, IVG’s ten-year 12,500 sqm office building located at the heart of the city’s Wola district, is looking for tenants eager to lease its soon-to-be-modernized space. The new-old symbolism lasted the entire evening, held in Victoria’s tenth-floor showroom. Spiced up by parkour performers, graffiti-painting classes and a construction site-themed comedy show, the event attracted over 80 real estate agents. “We aimed to confront the new Warsaw with the old traditions and show our agents, the bulk of whom was born after 1989, how the Polish construction work sites would look like in the past,” said Maciej Zajdel, the managing director of IVG Poland.